Free Style
Algo Au is a dance artist from Hong Kong and now based in London.
Started dancing since 2008, he trained in both local studios and foreign places, such as London, Belin and Tokyo.
Since 2011, Algo has been working professionally as a dancer for events and choreographer in schools, community centres and studios. During the past 10 years, he created a number of pieces for dancing societies in universities, including HKU, HKUST, HKEdU, etc.
At Inter-Varsity Dance Competition 2019, Algo's work with HKU won the champion.
He also did a few theatrical work before, recently he performed his work at Whitechapel Gallery in London, and danced in a concert at London Royal Albert Hall.
Also, Algo's dance crew 'Chestroll' won World Dance Hong Kong Champion 2019 and 2nd Place of Arena Chengdu 2019.